Realms Of The Dying is an open source role-playing game project currently in development. The game is designed to avoid some flaws in traditional RPGs. Here is some of the special features in the game :

· No resurrection available; once a character is dead, he's gone forever.

· No overpowered character from nowhere. You won’t defeat a powerful foe who will then join your team and be weak.

· No weird dungeon. You won’t have to complete random puzzles just to reach the boss room.

· No scripted events that don’t make sense.

· No uselessly huge dialogs that can’t be skipped.

· No side quests given by NPCs which would be better suited for the job.

· Items in shops don't become stronger as you visit other towns.

· 1980 job combinations available.

· The player modifies the story by his own actions.

· At least 7 possible endings.

· Hit points per body parts damage system.

· More than just one fight music and multiple tracks in the fields.

· Many teammate NPCs available. They need to match the alignment of the player, but if you switch, they might attack you!

· Smart monsters who don’t just spam random attacks.


Coders(C++, C#)
Artists (Various)
Sound Artists
Code 1%
Graphics 1%
Design 3%
Story 5%
Overall 2% Page