Update!                                                                                                           by Magus on 03.24.06

Hi everyone, no we're not dead. We are working alot behind the scene on development of the database and map descriptions. We also got new members that will do graphics.

And for some cool news maybe if we have time we will try to release a demo of the combat system.


             New downloads!                                                                                      by Magus on 01.03.06

Hi everyone! Been a while since I updated but I put some new files in the download section for you to hear. In the development departement we released the project document to the devs, so, when they finish reading we will start to make graphics and development tools.

If you want to apply for a position please send us an email detailing why you want to work on the project and a sample you already worked on(for the artists). We look foward to work with you!


             Site Update                                                                                             by Magus on 10.29.05

The forum is up and running and we are waiting your posts! New members are added too and we uploaded the storyboard in the Downloads section . The new members are:

. Ophelie G. a Music and sound artist
. Johnatan L.L. a Music and sound artist

Welcome in the team!

Coders(C++, C#)
Artists (Various)
Sound Artists
Code 1%
Graphics 1%
Design 3%
Story 5%
Overall 2%
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